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Engine Check Warranty Temperature Label 88°C to 121°C


Scale: °C and ºF

Range: 88ºC to 121ºC / 190ºF to 250ºF

Type: Engine Check

Reaction Time: Max 4 sec.

100ºC - 154ºC +/- 1.5ºC

Accuracy & Conformity: Click Here

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The Engine Check Warranty temperature indicator label is widely used in the automotive sector as part of warranty procedures for new & remanufactured engine blocks. It reacts with a permanent, one-way colour change when specific temperatures are reached or exceeded. Designed for use on core plugs, freeze plugs, expansion plugs and welch plugs. 

Often also used in conjunction with our other temperature indicating labels to monitor various fluid and component temperatures in motorsport applications, providing a record of maximum temperatures of oils, coolants and brake fluids. 

Essential for applications where engine overheating is a concern. Accurate & 100% reliable.

Dimensions: 28mm (1.1") diameter
Scale: °C and °F
Range: 88°C to 121°C / 190°F to 250°F
Reaction Time: Max 4 sec.
Colour change: one way permanent
Accuracy: 100°C - 154°C +/- 1.5°C
Type: Circular Adhesive backed labels
Accuracy & Conformity: Click Here

This adhesive label will demonstrate temperature abuse on engine blocks, for instance when operators have allowed an engine to overheat and terminal damage has occurred. The label provides a permanent reaction to excessive heat and provides evidence of engine block temperatures exceeding normal ranges. An ideal label for the automotive engine rebuild sector.

The label is self adhesive and can be applied to any clean, dry surface, and is often placed in core plugs or other discrete locations. It can be covertly placed to ensure that it is not easily seen and removed, and if the label is to be placed in areas of high agitation or impact then we recommend a clear coat of epoxy to secure it in place. It carries the text "VOID IF REMOVED" to discourage operators from destroying the evidence! It has a active life of 12 months making it suitable for most warranty periods.

This Engine Check label is available online from stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.

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