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WashSafe Dishwasher Indicator


Scale: °C and °F

Range: 65ºC to 82ºC / 149ºF to 180ºF

Type: Vertical Adhesive backed labels

Reaction Time: Max 4 Sec.

+/- 1ºC

Accuracy & Conformity: Click Here

Education: How do they work



This WashSafe label is specially designed for use in industrial, commercial or domestic dishwashers to check dishwasher temperature in the wash cycle.

It has proven popular with customers who want an indicator that shows a stronger visual indicatioSelf Adhesiven of temperatures being exceeded. This functionality may be built into any of our multilevel label products, subject to minimum quantities and some small manufacturing set-up costs.

The label has four temperature sensitive cells which change colour when each temperature is achieved

Designed to be placed on a specific item or on the side of the washer, the temperature sensitive label is located, the cycle run and then read once complete. The label should then be removed and discarded. 

The label will show a temperature reaction during the dishwasher wash cycle at these temperatures: 65ºC, 77ºC, 82ºC and 88ºC. It is an adhesive label; it can either be used as a label that the operator sticks to a surface or item in the dishwasher or it can be kept on the backing paper and clamped in place in a location of the operator's choosing. This can be particularly good for checking cold spots in dish washing machines or for checking the effectiveness of particular components or nozzles in the washer itself.

This temperature sensivitive label is in stock and ready to ship, so order online now. Free delivery for UK customers! 

Testing & Verification Procedure: Measuring Colour Change Temperatures of Temperature Indicating Labels

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