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Thermal Process Checks Food Processing Indicators 71ºC to 104ºC



The Thermal Process Check provides a permanent record of temperature achievement for thermal processing in food production. Combines a temperature indicator label with a printed Tyvek® backing material that resists damage. Ideal for retention as part of record keeping procedures for each batch or process.

Available in a variety of temperatures including 71ºC, 77ºC, 82ºC, 88ºC, 93ºC, 99ºC and 104ºC. Accurate to +/-1ºC

Sold in Packs of 100

Thermal Process Checks Reaction Temperatures:
71°C (160°F) to 104°C (219°F) +/- 1°C
Size: 47mm x 95mm

The Thermal Process Check provides a permanent, temperature-only record for Pasteurization and other heat processes. These indicators are supplied on white, non-tear Tyvek” and are available in a variety of temperatures including 71°C, 77°C, 82°C, 88°C, 93°C, 99°C and 104°C.

Accurate to +/-1°C, they are manufactured from robust, resilient materials and can easily be retained as a part of a quality control procedure. The centre of the blue indicator turns from white to black when exposed to the prescribed temperature shown. The Tyvek backing measures 47mm x 95mm and allows the recording of information such as Retort Number, Crate Number, Date and Product. We can print bespoke alternative designs or use different materials if preferred. Many of our customers use this indicator for verification and control of thermal processing of canned or bottled foods and sauces in jars. It is available in packs of 100 with no minimum order and has a punched hole at the top of the indicator for easy attachment. The active components of the Thermal Process Checks are manufactured within ISO 9001 specifications. We hold good stocks of the regular temperatures but it can take approx 4 weeks to manufacture these process tags if you need larger quantities.