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Retort Checks Canning Indicators for Steam & Water Processes



The Retort Check is the single best means of providing retainable evidence of batch retort processing in steam or raining water canning retorts. These indicator cards use unique inks that change colour fully only when specific parameters of time, temperature and steam quality are met.

Unlike the binary (and almost instant) colour change of autoclave tape that is disposed after use, these canning indicators enable operators to match indicator tags with a specific time and temperature combination to each thermal process, providing an extra level of warning in the event of a process failure. 

Suitable for static or rotary retort systems, the cards enable food processing facilities to maintain permanent records and ensure compliance with federal and governmental regulations. Used and trusted by the world's largest food manufacturers as part of their HACCP system implementation and maintenance, and essential for demonstrating compliance in retailer audits of food canning establishments around the world. 


Steritec Retort Checks
Colour change: Purple to Green, one way, permanent.
Dimensions: 4.77cm x 8.9cm (1.875" x 3.5")
Reaction Time: at 121ºC (250°F) Saturated Steam.
  • RC101/B: 6 minutes +/- 40s
  • RC101/C: 15 minutes +/- 1.5m
  • RC101/D: 25 minutes +/- 2.5m
  • RC101/E: 35 minutes +/- 3.5m
  • RC101/F: 45 minutes +/- 4.5m
  • RC101/G: 60 minutes +/- 6m

Temperature Indicators is the global distributor for the SteriTec Retort Check range of batch processing retort sterilization indicators for use in food canning. The Retort Check range is the most cost effective way of providing evidence of static retort processing, is an excellent way to maintain permanent records and ensures compliance with federal and governmental regulations. Designed to occur only after cans have been exposed to steam in batch processing retorts for the appropriate time, the colour change is a highly effective means of determining batch status. This can act as a significant step towards preventing unprocessed or under-processed product entering the supply chain. The Retort Check range gives food processors far more reliable and accurate levels of indication than autoclave / retort tape. Unlike tape, the indicators are very accurate - only changing colour when the correct time, temperature and steam quality are achieved. They are easily retained to provide evidence of an effective process and demonstrate good practice and traceability for QA/QC procedures. Retort Check is available in 6 different grades to suit your sterilization process. Check the Selection Chart button above to determine the correct indicator for your canning process. Retort Checks are manufactured in accordance with FDA QSR and ISO 9002 in an FDA Quality Systems Registered facility. They are used all over the world and recommended by technical institutions and large retailers.

For the most effective means of displaying the indicators, attach our Aluminium Holders to your basket or tray.