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DECON Temperature Decontamination Wash Label 77°C to 93°C


Scale: °C

Range: 77ºC to 93ºC

Type: Decon Indicators

Reaction Time: Max 4 sec.

+/- 1ºC

Accuracy & Conformity: Click Here

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The Decon Temperature Indicator Labels react over range of 77°C to 93°C, and incorporate an easy to interpret graphic. 

Used in critical decontamination wash processes to provide evidence of temperature achievement for microbial control. Accurate and 100% reliable.

Size: 51mm x 18 mm (2" x 0.7")
Scale: °C
Range: 77°C to 93°C
Reaction Time: Max 4 sec.
Colour change: one way permanent.
Type: Vertical Adhesive backed labels
Accuracy: +/- 1°C
Accuracy & Conformity: Click Here

Sold in packs of 10

If an indicator has been exposed to a temperature in excess of it's rating, it provides a tamper proof display of temperature achievement.

Widely used in the pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, automotive and food production industries

  • monitoring transportation and distribution
  • providing evidence of a thermal disinfection temperature achievement
  • confirming soldering temperatures
  • monitoring engine component temperatures for warranty claims
  • confirming temperature integrity in machine maintenance
  • warning users that environmental conditions exceed temperature limits

If placing the indicators in an environment where they can be exposed to oil or aggressive conditions we recommend the labels are sealed in place on a clean dry surface with one or more layers of clear epoxy.

When using these indicators, ensure they are kept only in refrigeration temperatures and NOT deep freeze situations. The labels must be applied to a dry, clean surface to ensure proper adhesion.

Please also note that touching the indicator may activate the indicator in summer months, especially if ambient temperature is at or around 29°C.

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