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Waterproof Thermometers

Product Specification

Scale: ºC or ºF

Range: -49ºC to 199.9ºC

Type: Standard or Fast Response


These fast response food penetration probe thermometers can also be placed inside a dishwasher to ensure the maximum cycle temperature is correct.

The thermometers measure temperatures over the range of -49.9 to 299.9ºC with a 0.1ºC resolution. The thermometers feature a max/min temperature recording function and at the back of the instrument is a discreet ºC/ºF and reset button. The units incorporate a 3.5 x 120mm stainless steel food penetration probe. The WP/FR option has a fast response tip allowing the user to measure the temperature in less than 6 seconds.

Each unit is supplied with a protective probe cover that incorporates a packet clip and wall-mounting keyhole slot